Registration Service Pricing

Cheaper than anywhere else.

It is free.

NO FEE for handling your convention registrations through Our platform is completely free for organizers, and we charge no-fee to attendees either. Many other systems tout "free" while passing on significant fees to your customers. is built by fan convention organizers, for fan convention organizers. We are the same fans who built UpcomingCons, and who organize over six conventions every year.

This system is built by and for convention organizers, so we don't expect to charge much. We like supporting fan events by providing the cheapest and most amazing management suite ever.

Is it really free?

There's no such thing as too-good-to-be-true. We love the fan community so much that our #1 priority is to give back to the community with fast, easy to use systems.

Yes, but are there SOME costs?

The only costs you will incur are the costs of payment processing through Paypal or Stripe - we don't layer an extra fee on top of this. You may also purchase equipment such as laptops and scanners to process at-con registrations.

Can I give back?

Adding an advertisement for in your program guide would be most welcome.

Why is it free?

It doesn't really cost us anything to share our software with fellow fan organizations, unless you require special services or integrations. Providing access to our software is one of the ways we give back to the fan community that has done so much for us.

All rights reserved. Offers subject to change at any time. No warranties on usage. Subject to future changes. For legal reasons, we have to state that this service may be discontinued at any time, although we will make every effort to provide significant notice in the event of any changes. We reserve the right to limit use of our technology as we see fit, such as by denying service to organizations or individuals that do not align with our values and goals. We may deny services in the case of significant or unexpected resource utilization or high costs. We reserve the right to change our terms of service at any time. We reserve the right to take any steps we consider helpful to prevent fraud and spam. We reserve all other rights. End-services and conventions are provided by external organizations and the quality of events can not be controlled by Contact us with questions.

Accepting RegistrationsFree
Collecting Revenue from Attendees and VendorsFree
Scheduling PanelsFree
Using the Con AppFree
Making Vendor Room MapsFree
Mailchimp IntegrationFree
Custom Confirmation EmailsFree
Email Attendees from Mailchimp or your own ClientFree
Sending Contact Emails without MailchimpContact Us
Mailing Marketing Letters to Past AttendeesContact Us (~$1/each)