Registration Service Pricing

Cheaper than anywhere else.

It is free.

NO FEE for handling your convention registrations through Our amazing web-based interface is completely free for organizers, and we charge no-fee to attendees either. Many other systems tout "free" while charging significant fees to your customers. is built by fan convention organizers, for fan convention organizers. We are the same fans who built UpcomingCons, and who organize over six conventions every year.

This system is built by and for convention organizers, so we don't expect to charge much. We like supporting fan events by providing the cheapest and most amazing management suite ever.

Is it really free?

There's no such thing as too-good-to-be-true. We love the fan community so much that our #1 priority is to give back to the community with fast, easy to use systems.

Yes, but are there SOME costs?

The only costs you will incur are the costs of payment processing through Paypal or Stripe - we don't layer an extra fee on top of this. You may also purchase equipment such as laptops and scanners to process at-con registrations.

Can I give back?

Adding an advertisement for in your program guide would be most welcome.

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