Before the event.

Simple Registration & Data

Get all the data you need for your event from each attendee, including name, email, address, phone, and birthdate. Attendees register conveniently online and input all the information you need to process their registration. You can add any number of attendee types and registration prices.

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Make Life Easy For Attendees

Attendees can check and manage their registration anytime on our website. If they want to change something minor on their registration, such as their badge name or mailing address, they can do so anytime. Attendees and quickly and easily print ticket confirmations.

Easy Payment Processing

Attendees pay you directly through Stripe or PayPal, and we record transactions instantly. You have your registration money in your account as soon as they register. Attendees who can't pay right away can come back anytime and login to complete their registration.

Confirm Registrations Easily

Attendees want an email from the convention verifying their registration has been received. They will get an email confirmation within an hour of registering automatically. Customize this with links to hotel rooms or event reminders.

Create Your Schedule

Create your entire programming schedule within one simple website. Allow attendees to save their own custom schedule for the convention.

Come event time.

Magical At-Con Check-in

Use our browser-based convention check-in system to instantly print labels and check in attendees - the same process used at the largest events. While the system is designed to work offline and during spotty internet coverage, you can download alphabetically-sorted text files designed for super-simple check-in as a backup plan. Experience the only convention registration system in the world that will never fail you.

Instant Data Access

Download a CSV file instantly at any time to use however you'd like. Use them to prepare special welcome letters, or import them in Mailchimp to send email newsletters.

Everything else.

Simple Interface

Our interface is built just for anime conventions. Create any number of attendee types, and set up multiple price tiers for each type of attendee. Handle exhibitors, artists, and all other registration types with simplicity. You have flexibility in managing your event, without spending hours configuring unnecessary options.

Save Money

Our programs are excellent. Our pricing is great too. Like, the free beer kind of great. We want you to spend money on your presentation, not backstage.

Save Time

Once set up, you won't have any registration work left to do until just before the convention, and you can login anytime to see your registration stats. Our interface is snappy, efficient, and simple. You'll spend less time managing the details and more time planning the fun. Fall in love with running your event all over again.