Setup Help

Getting started with our registration management system is easy. First, create an account and add your covention.

Add Registration Types

Example: Weekend, Saturday Only, Press, Guest, Staff, Vendor

Registration types represent the various categories of participants in your convention. For example, regular attendee badges might say "Weekend" or they might say "Attendee" or you might also have a "VIP" class. It's up to you.

Add Various Prices

Example: $10 Early Weekend, $15 Late Weekend, $5 Saturday Only

Setup any price tiers you desire, and add expiration dates or control access manually or with promo codes. This allows you to setup prices that increase as the event gets closer.

Special Types of Attendees: Dealers, Artists

You can create prices like "10x10 Dealer Booth and ONE Badge ($300)" and "Extra Dealer Badge ($40)" for your dealers or artists. You can limit the number of units sold.

Domain Setup

You can choose to direct people to the registration page on CONS.MX, or even better you can create your own custom domain name for registration. Let us know, and then begin by pointing to our IP: Your webmaster should know how to do this. If you handle your domain name yourself, there are instructions online for setting this up. Here are the values you will need.

Name: register
Type: A
Comment: (None)

PayPal Email

If you are using PayPal, we redirect people to pay via PayPal's interface, so attendees find a trusted and secure interface for paying. You must be sure that the PayPal email set in your convention listing is associated with the PayPal account in which you wish to receive registrations.

At Con

Every DYMO 450 Turbo label printer + Laptop setup you buy will result in a throughput speeds up to 120 attendees per hour. You can handle a crowd of 1,000 people in under an hour with 10 stations.

More Help

Lost Password

You can change your password.

1. Number of tickets sold is displayed prominently.
2. Gross revenue of all tickets is shown.
3. Each ticket or reg type is broken down here.
4. Add any type of ticket or registration you want.
5. Have sub-types under each ticket type.

1. Click "Activate Scheduler" to begin editing the schedule.
2. This is a list of all user submitted panels.
3. Click any timeslot to add a new panel.

Connecting at the convention.

Your convention will have an option menu option for At-Con Check-In. This single, dynamic webpage loads all the required interfaces for using the ID scanning and label printing technology. If a dymo labelmaker is not detected, a link will be provided for downloading the most up to date software. For state-issued ID scanning software setup, contact us for the specific details.